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W a i k i k i - B e a c h

We left on Thursday the 29th. of May.
Holly found some great hotels for us. Like the Aston Parkshore hotel on Oahu. We drove with the rental car to Waikiki. Our home for the next few days. I wasn't really looking forward to stay in such a tourist place, but I must say that I enjoyed it a lot. I never thought I would. But first I want to tell you about our arriving at the hotel.

We were tired and we hoped to get our room right away, even when it was only about ten o'clock in the morning. We showed the man behind the desk our voucher for four nights, but he couldn't find our names! O h b o y ! But than the big surprise! We left Tokyo on the 29th. of May at night and when we arrived on Oahu, it was still the 29th of May, but early in the morning! It's logical after thinking about it. So we had one extra day on Oahu. No problem.Great! But it also mend that we had to stay one more night, but luckily they had a room for us for this night. We even didn't have to change the room for the other nights. They young man who helped us was very kind and helpful. He gave us a room with a beautiful view on the Pacific Ocean, the Kuhio and Queen's surf beach. We enjoyed watching the people who were on the beach and showing themselves at the promenade.

We packed out our suitcase and decided to sleep a little. We really felt much better afterwards and after we spend a little while at the hotel swimmingpool, we went out to explore Waikiki. The weather was mild and I love it to walk outside without wearing a jacket. First we had to go to a bank to get some money to spend in Waikiki. There were many people who were shopping in one of those stores. There are many ABC-stores on the Hawaiian Islands. Here we bought our food for in the hotelroom. There is a nice Marketplace where they sell many typical Hawaiian stuff like wooden sculptures, flower leis. We were in a shop where they sell only magnets. Hundreds of funny and many different magnets. The walls were full!

You also see many stalls of the Pearl Factory where they sell pearls. First we checked it out a little, by watching the other people who bought a pearl ring or earrings. After eating a slice of pizza and drinking a giant glass of cola, we went back to the "Pearl Factory". I could choose an oyster which, after a small special ceremony, which is just funny and useless, the young lady opened it and took out the pearl. I was quite exited, because now we had to get the second oyster. I already have seen many different ones (white, blue, green, pink, big and small) and I had to have two of the same pearls because I wanted to have earrings. But both oysters had two almost exactly the same pearls. Coincidence or.....? Otherwise she had a box with orphanage pearls where you can choose two of the same pearls. But this was not necessary. She made the earrings while we were watching. I love to wear them ever since I have them.

We went back on the streets were we watched the young and beautiful whores. Don't be surprised! Yes...we watched the whores! It is sad to see these young girls like this. You asked yourself why they do it, because I bet that many could have other jobs. But there can be so many reasons why they "choose" this life. Anyway... it was also interesting to watch how they tried to pick up "lovers". To see the reactions of the men and the situations when the police came close.

The sunset was beautiful and many people enjoyed it sitting on the beach. We were one of them. We were disturbed by the police who checked out if we had alcohol with us. Which is forbidden on the beach in the States. Well we do not drink alcohol, so... 'no sir and bye sir'.(smile). We went back to the hotel where we made a reservation for the "Legends" show, a few days later in Waikiki. We watched some television and fell asleep.

The next day Friday the 30th. of May
we eat the bread we bought the day before. Mmmmmmm bread with peanut butter. The weather was very warm and sunny. Pascal wanted to go to the "USS Arizona Memorial" Pearl Harbor, so we went there by car. On the 7th. of December 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Many men died and many battleships were destroyed. A big lost for the U.S navy. The Arizona battleship was one of the ships who sunk. It's still on the same place as in 1941 and they made a memorial of it, so that nobody forgets this tragical day of the beginning of the even more tragical war. The second world war. I heard stories about it from my father who was in the Dutch navy and spend a few years in Indonesia (years ago called Dutch IndiŽ / colony). I found it very interesting that most of the visitors of this memorial were Japanese. I would like to know what they were thinking and feeling when they saw the movie about the attack in 1941. I should have asked them, which I didn't do.

It was very hot when we left. Luckily our car had air conditioning. Hm, I love this cool air. We took our plan from Oahu and found a few things on it we would like to visit. So next destiny was the "Dole Plantation".

There are a huge field full with pineapples. In the Dole building you could find many souvenirs and food. Of course only with pineapple flavour. We bought pineapple juice and icecream. Very refreshing. We continued our trip to the north of Oahu to visit a historic little village called Haleiwa.

We liked it very much. Nice wooden houses and shops.

Even a few oldfashion cars were standing on the road.

I bought some shells. I collect shells. Sometimes I find a few nice ones and otherwise I buy a few. We ate a small snack and drove to a waterfall.

We already have seen a few waterfalls on Kauai, two years ago, but we haven't expected something so beautiful as this was. It was a big park with the most beautiful trees and flowers.

Pascal bought a lei for me. There were many trees with these flowers where they make the leis of. The smell is very strong and fantastic. They had some people working there who were dressed in traditional clothes and were showing us traditional Hawaiian games and telling us stories about how life was on the Hawaiian islands a hundred years ago.

Very interesting. The name of this park is "Waimea Falls Park". Great!

At the end of the park was the waterfall.

Here were two professional cliff divers. They were great and we enjoyed this performance very much.

It's hard to believe that this island wasn't always so green and full with flowers. Many flowers and trees come from other countries, brought by seed about one century ago. I don't know how often I told Pascal how beautiful this place is. Unforgetable. It was already about 17.00 p.m. and we wanted to go to the famous Sunset Beach.

In the wintertime they have here huge waves and it is a great place for surfer. Unfortunately the waves weren't quite so spectacular when we were there. But it's a nice beach. We only stayed for maybe 15 minutes, because we still had to go back to the hotel. This took us about one or two hours. We took a shower and got dressed because we wanted to go into town again. We walked the Kalakauastreet and here we found one of the "Planet Hollywood" restaurants. We enjoyed our meal very much. We already have been in other "Planet Hollywood" restaurants and if you have seen one, you know them all. And we like them. When we came back on the street, there were young people making publicity for their disco's. We talked with one of them. Later on that night we went to see one of the disco's. "The cellar". We had to show our I.D.s It was really a cellar, small and very low. I found it very interesting, because there were many people to observe, which I like to do. Just to be there and watch the people dance. We dance also and when I start to dance, I found it hard to stop. There were many dark people and I liked that. I never was in a disco where I had the feeling to be in New York or another big American city. It's maybe strange for you to understand this, but for me it was something I missed while staying in the States. But because we already had done many things this day, we left about 1 o'clock. We walked back to the hotel and there were still many people on the street. We stayed a few minutes on our balcony to let all the things we did and see go through our minds. It had been a very nice day. We slept well in our huge bed.

Today, Saturday the 31th. of May
we just relaxed. We went to the beach, close to our hotel. It was beautiful weather, well...maybe a little bit to warm. We found a place near a big palm tree, because of the shade. One leaf was hanging dangerously above us, because I think it wouldn't take much wind or the leaf would fall down. Well it didn't , so we survived this trip to the beach.

But while we were laying in the sun, suddenly the police came to see what was wrong with one of the homeless people. This man was first laying on a bench and later on the floor. We think that he had a sunstroke or something like that. There were tree policemen who were wearing rubber gloves and who were trying to wake him up. Later they threw water over his face, but the man hardly moved. An ambulance came and brought him to a hospital. The police brought the bag with the man's belongings away. It was very sad to see this happen. I hope everything is okay with him, but unfortunately for many of these homeless people life won't treat them well.

It was very warm and even when we could go into the sea to cool off a little (which we did once) we went back to the hotel swimmingpool. I feel dirty and sticky after being in the salty water, full with sunscreen and sand. So we took a shower and then we went to the swimmingpool where it was great to be. There was a little bit more wind on the third floor, where the pool was. There weren't many people, so it was always nice to go into the water. Afterwards we went to the room,we took a shower and made a little nap. We watched some television and when we were getting hungry we went to "Denny's" restaurant, close to our hotel. We went to another disco that night. "Maharaja".

We had to search a little to find it, but when we wanted to go in, there seemed to be a small problem. There were two lady's and a man all dressed up and they wanted to go in the disco also. But they didn't have an I.D. to show and so they didn't get in. Pascal brought an I.D. along, but I didn't ! So I thought that we didn't have a chanceto get in, but Pascal can be very convincing. So it was our turn. Pascal showed them his I.D. and told them that this is his I.D. that I am his wife and that he is Italian and that we want both want to go in! Big surprise! They let us in without any problem! Thanks guys!

We were quite early, so we could choose a nice place to sit. This was a complete different disco as "the cellar". This one was more 'chic'. I liked both, but here was the dancing much better. Very interesting people to look at. We danced together. I enjoyed it a lot. After homecoming we watched some television again. It was nice to have a day to relax in between.

But the next day, Sunday the 1st. of June
we started to travel around on this beautiful island again. We followed the south-east coast. Diamond head, Kahala beach, Aina Haina. We went to Hanauma Bay State Underwater Park. I wish we had knew more about this place, because we went there and we saw many people snorkelling. I rented a snorkel-equipment. It was windy. The beach and a big part in the water was filled with people. I went into the water and was surprised about all the beautiful fishes I saw and I was only a few meters away from the beach! I went out the water again, because I wanted to buy an underwater camera. But there was no place at the beach where you could buy one. I was very disappointed. We stayed a little while longer. Then we went to the Sea life Park Hawaii, but it didn't look so interesting to us from the outside, so we went away.

When we came home in Switzerland, friends of us told us that this park is very nice to go to. Well...maybe next time.

We went to the "Pali Lookout". It was very, very windy, but we had a great view over Oahu's east coast. It started to rain on our way to Honolulu / Waikiki. We relaxed a little at the hotel and ate something. We already made reservations for the show THE "Legends" tonight, so it was time to go. We had to wait a little while, but then we could go in. They made a picture from us together with "Michael Jackson & Marilyn Monroe" doubles. Then they brought us to our table. We had some snacks, Pascal tried out a new drink and I took a cool non-alcoholic-drink. Unfortunately our "neighbours" at the same table were quite dull. But the show was great.

They were doubles from big stars, but they were singing with their own voice, live. Diana Ross, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Roy Orbison, Michael Jackson and last but not least Elvis Presley. They are great, but I liked Madonna and Elvis the most. And I liked the dance company a lot too. I love dance shows. I know how difficult this can be, because I'm dancing at a Jazzdanceclub at home. When I see such a show I know I am a bad dancer. But anyway I still enjoy doing it. After the show you could pick up the photo and meet the"stars" were they where sitting on a long table and you could get their signatures if you liked to.

We did. They were great. At the end of the table was "Elvis" sitting. Pascal made a photo from "Elvis" and me, after "Elvis" gave me a very colourful lei out of silk. We walked to the hotel and decided to take a milkshake at "Denny's". It was a nice day.

Monday the 2nd. of June.
It's already the last day we will spend on Oahu. Unfortunately, because we like it here. We read about the "Polynesian Cultural Centre" so we would like to go. Today the weather wasn''t so nice. It was cloudy and dark, but not cold. On our way to this Centre we saw a race with canoe's. We stopped and watched a while. And of course we made a few photo's also.

Here the sun showed her face through the clouds. We arrived a half an hour to early. It wasn''t open yet. It was very warm and sticky in the meanwhile. I hate this kind of weather.

Well...it was very nice to see the way of living of the Polynesian Islands maybe one hundred years ago. The man who explained the island "Samoa" was so funny. We enjoyed this show a lot. I was sad when it was finished.

We made beautiful photo's in this park.

Every Polynesian Island had her own presentation. There was also a presentation with all islands together on the water. A floating show.

After a while we left. It was just to warm. We went for the second time to the Sunset beach, but again ... no big waves. That day we went to the Marketplace on Waikiki again to buy some nice t-shirts for Pascals younger brother and sister and for ourselves of course. At the "Endangered species store" we bought two more t-hirts, which I like very much. We past by the Pearl Factory again and because it still is something special and not so expensive we decided to buy me a ring. It fits to the white pearl earrings. Yes. Pascal spoiled me and I love it. (we are almost 6 and a half year married.)

We stayed a little while at the hotel swimmingpool. It was time to get packing all our things together. We had to leave the hotel early in the morning. Our flight would be at 8.50 A.M. to Maui. Our last night on the balcony and our last night in Waikiki. We went in bed early.

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