My Visit to Manchester, United Kingdom,  Summer 2004
Business Study in Marketing&Communication
Manchester Metropolitan University MMU

During my stay in Manchester on the University Campus I meet so many young, talented and interesting people. Here a short overview of the companies  we visited during our intensive study in Business English and of course also a few sightseeing tours. The four week impression in short. (every slideshow will start automaticaly after download, press F11 for full screen modus)

University - Campus - Residence -
First of all it's very easy to get on the campus from the international airport of Manchester. You will see here also the KRO2 Restaurant, some Pubs and Clubs, The Deansgate Locks..., Parties in our flat and more. But the meeting point for discussions and drinks and of course also to cook  was "The Kitchen",

(SummerParty2004.pdf - 9 Mb/with music) 

Robinson's Brewery
We spent an evening at the Unicorn Brewery and tastet some very nice beers.
(RobinsonsBrewery.pdf - 9 Mb/with music)

British Sugar Factory
With a Market Share of over 50 % it's shure if you drink coffee or tea in england and you take some sugar it's probably from British Sugar.
(BritishSugarFactory.pdf - 9 Mb/with music) 

Jaguar Factory
Where ones worked thousands of People today you see most of the working places with roboter and also surprising was to see that the factory was very clean and no smell or oil on the ground. Unfortunately it's not allowed to take pictures inside the factory.
(JaguarFactoryVisit.pdf - 8 Mb/with

Here a few city and places that we visited :

a very nice gothic city with a lot of history
(york.pdf - 4 Mb/without

a shopping city with a lot of black and white houses and a nice park and a river.
(chester.pdf - 8 Mb/without

Lake District
two hours drive away from Manchester and you are in a different world, we visited Kendal, Windermere and Bowness, after the trip we went to the beach of Morecambe.
(lakedistrict.pdf - 10 Mb/without

Liverpool and the visit of the Beatles Museum
our last trip at the end of our stay in england was Liverpool. We went there easy by bus in only 45 minutes and visited the city centre, the docks and of course the famous beatles museum at the docks. Because we hadn't much time to walk in to the city to see all the interesting places we decided to take a sightseeing tour by bus and it was worth it.
(Liverpool 1.pdf - Part 1/The Docks, 5 Mb/with
(Liverpool 2.pdf - Part 2/The Beatles Museum, 5 Mb/with music)
(Liverpool 3.pdf - Part 3/Sightseeing Tour, 5 Mb/with music)

Manchester City
some nice and old buildings with a lot of history, also some pictures of pubs, museums and people

Special: Imperial War Museum
If you visiting Manchester don't miss to see the Imperial War Museum. First I thought it would be something futuristic and from outside you will never guess what you will see inside. Wait for the live slide show and see all the original pictures and comments spoken from children of the war. The entrance is free as most of the museums in Manchester and it's allowed to take pictures just register in the guest book. 
(ImperialWarMuseum.pdf - 11 Mb/with


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